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Do I have to use the Adobe Acrobat reader or do similar programs work as well?

Yes, you do have to install the Adobe Acrobat reader when you want to install and use the Foojit solution. Some parts of the Foojit software are dependent on features of Adobe Acrobat. Without Adobe Acrobat the software will not function properly. Similar readers can’t be used because it’s difficult to take all the different settings per reader into account, too many things could go wrong.

There is a warning: “Invalid PDF”.

The document may contain a “.gif” image. Remove this image or convert the image into “.jpg” format and try again. (WordArt is also a “.gif”)

My letter won’t print. What should I do?

First try it with an empty letter, if that works, there is something wrong with the document. Copy/paste the document into a new document and see if that helps. Otherwise mail us the document in question so that we can solve your problem and learn from it. Obviously your letter is treated as confidential. Send your mail to

I have forgotten my password.

No problem, send us an email and we’ll send you a new password:

I didn't receive the full refund, why did you hold money back?

We didn’t, we don’t charge anything for a refund. Most likely your bank has deducted money for their services. Check you account sheet or contact your bank.

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